I have now tried for more than two hours to put into words my thoughts about recent events in Germany. I cannot put it into rhyme, I cannot write a song about this. There is just too much I feel the need to say, but it all comes down to one thing: I am afraid these days. Nazis, fascists, racists, “worried citizens” or whatever kind of idiots gather and burn down a house meant to shelter refugees. While we can afford 20,000 policemen to guard the G7 meeting in Elmau, we are apparently not able to protect refugee shelters. It’s scary, really.

In a paper I read that in Berlin, two men, 32 and 37 years of age, have been caught urinating on two teenagers of eastern European origin that were riding a subway train with their mother. Facebook itself has apparently turned into a justice-free area where every asshole can (and does) post inhumane excrements and receives “likes” for his opinion. Those who do stand up are confronted with shit-storms or, in case of German actor Til Schweiger, even with attacks on their own homes.

What kind of society have we turned into? Have we forgotten that a huge chunk of what makes us human is empathy? Love? Understanding? Helpfulness? Diversity? Cultural exchange? Are we so blind that we do not see that those who come are the weakest of the weak, people who have risked their lives to come to Germany to escape from the horrors of war in their home country? Horrors that fortunately none of us can even begin to imagine. And all many seem to worry abut is the fact that some of them bring, have or get mobile phones? Really? Wow… priorities, people.

Friends, I believe that standing up and voicing your opinion for the right thing is quintessentially the only thing that helps. If we don’t voice our opinions to confront those that spread hate and violence towards the weakest amongst us, we allow right-winged brood to create an atmosphere of hate and angst. Don’t let that happen. Voice your opinion, especially on the internet. Comment. Report racist and inhumane content to Facebook. Show these people that they can’t do whatever they want to and that their views are not acceptable.

Also, if you can, please help. There are local organisations everywhere. Give food, clothing, just go and meet refugees, talk to them, eat with them, help them learn German. Just try and make them feel welcome. Nobody is going to change the world on his or her own, but together we need to show those people that not everyone around here is a right-winged idiot. I, for myself, am sick of all this racist and intolerant crap. Remaining still will only support the wrong cause. Please speak up and don’t tolerate any bullshit. ‪ #‎refugeeswelcome‬

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