'Ghosts' released!


If songs are memories, than albums are a collection of photographs. Snapshots of feelings and emotions captured in music. “Ghosts” has been an incredible journey and I couldn’t be more proud of the result. Many people have worked very hard on helping me make the album that I wanted to make – no compromises. As “Ghosts” is unleashed, released to the world, it is time for my to say thank you to some very special people. First of all, and most importantly, Thank you to all musicians, producers, engineers, who helped making this album. Kay, Hannes, René, Daniel, Max, Karsten, Lukas, Wido, Jonas, Nina, Ida, Linda, Laila, Judika and Liza. You have all outdone yourselves and I bow to your craft and creativity. Thank you, just, thank you!

Gunnar from Gunner Records for believing in me and for sticking with this album against all odds.

Felix and everyone at Flix Agency for their countless hours of work helping me making little steps forward in this thing called “career”. <3

Nico from honeymilkphotography for the really cool photos. You rock, my friend!

Thank you to Patrick Craig for helping me shoot my first real music video and for being the most amazing companion on a tour that first shed light on some of the songs of “Ghosts”.

People I am staggered to call colleagues, comrades, friends and who have continued to influence me with their work and with their attitude. Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers, who showed me that good songs are timeless. The Lion and the Wolf, who taught me that good music can be dark and quiet. Chuck Ragan (Official), who taught me never to give up. Frank Turner, who taught me that hard work always pays off. Everyone I have ever shared the stage with, thank you for being constant sources of inspiration. I am blessed to know you.

My friends and my family, you know who you are! Thank you for your love and being there through darkness and light.

Last, but definitely not least, thank you to all of you guys, especially those who have pre-ordered in March and April and thus contributed heavily into the financing of this album. Without you coming to shows, supporting me, sending me wonderful messages of support and love and encouragement, I would be back in school on Monday. I am rather happy to go on tour instead.

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, “Ghosts” is available everywhere on CD, on Vinyl (Gatefold, Double Vinyl, yeah!) and also digitally via Bandcamp and iTunes.

Thank you and see you somewhere down the road!

x John

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