John Allen & The Black Pages release 'Ellis Island'


the other day, the amazing Billy Bragg released a rewrite of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'", and indeed, they are and not necessarily for the better it seems. With Donald Trumps election and the whole craziness going on oversees, with right-party candidates like Le Pen and Wilders in France and Holland, and the AfD in Germany grasping for power and influence, it seems to me that we are on the verge of losing our minds. I hear much talk of "silent majority". No good ever came from a silent majority. Only if we voice our concerns, only if we stand up and protest, only if we actively work against these forces, there is a chance for resistance. They say that one man cannot change the world. Well, but they also say that one man's faith can turn into a crusade and I prefer to believe the latter. It is us that write and determine our legacy. Every man and woman for him and herself and everybody in his or her very own way.

I have recently been introduced to the amazing work that the fine people from Hanseatic Help are doing not only in my hometown of Hamburg, but all over Germany, Europe and even the world. They invest unimaginable amounts of time, energy, love and creativity to support countless projects that help to make this planet a little bit better for those in need and those less fortunate than we are. From the very moment I read about (and later got to know the people behind the organisation) I knew I wanted to help and support their organisation.

My band and I went to the studio to record a new song that we are very proud to release today exclusively on Bandcamp.

All the profits from our new single "Ellis Island" will go to Hanseatic Help e.V. in order to help them continue their amazing work. I do sincerely hope that this is only the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation.

A massive thank you goes out to my band, The Black Pages for instantly agreeing on recording this song with me and to Hannes Rasmus, who not only lend us his studio, but also produced, mixed and mastered the single. Thank you also to Gunner Records, the best label in the world.

"Ellis Island" is available as of now for as little as €1.29 from my Bandcamp page, but if you choose to pay a little more than that you are most welcome.

Buy "Ellis Island" here:

Friends, please share this message as much as you can and if you have some spare cash, buy the song. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

I see you soon, I'm sure, somewhere down the road.

x JA

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