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my name is John Allen. I’m a songwriter and touring musician from Hamburg, Germany. Currently I am playing up to 180 shows per year all over Europe, steadily building a fan base.

As many of you all know in 2015 I decided to quit my job as a high school teacher in order to pursue my dream of making a living out of what I love best: writing songs and performing them to a small crowd of faithful fans. In this regard, I feel very fortunate. I have been to places I could never hope to go, I have made countless friends all over the world and have been fortunate enough to share the stage with the most amazing artists. I could not have done this without your support, without your love and the warmth you provide me with night after night after night.

If you join me on Patreon, you can further support me on my journey on a monthly basis. It enables me to continue putting my focus on writing and performing and helps easing some of the financial struggles that my path sometimes provides me with. In simple terms, it helps me to keep doing what I do. And hey, I might even get to spend some time to rest my voice, recharge my batteries or give my body the time to recover from an illness.

If you join me on Patreon, you can become an active part of my journey by supporting me with as little as one Dollar a month, but of course, you can always choose to give more. Every month, there will be one or two goodies exclusively for supporters. What goodies? Well… downloads, videos, livestreams or whatever I can come up with, really.

Anyway, friends, I thank you for your support from the bottom of my heart. It means the world… at least to me.

x John Allen

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